Our goal is to provide our unbeaten track record. For the best quality shipping of SPECIAL COMMODITY SHIPPING.

Cummings Transport provides leadership for the process of aligning and coordinating logistics solutions to positively impact our customer's transportation needs. We know that every call and every load is critical. We are a thinking and learning organization. We are resilient and resourceful. We get the most from our future by keeping the best from our past. We then apply our best knowledge and experience to create innovative logistics strategies and solutions.

With multiple offices across the U.S., we have well over 100 years of cumulative experience serving our customers. With the world constantly changing, more companies are outsourcing their logistics needs to the experts so they can concentrate on their core business. There is a renewed demand for efficiency and Cummings Transport is fully prepared to support our customer’s new strategies and growth.

We do it ALL!

Are you interested in saving your company 15%-25% on your LTL shipping costs? Then join the network that allows small & medium sized businesses the opportunity to save money like the large corporations do.

At Cummings transport we now offer your company a discount level comparable to the high volume shippers. We are set up with all the national & regional LTL carriers.

If you are tired of calling multiple LTL carriers to get the cheapest price then give a call to simplify your shipping needs...

* Personalized website for quotes & tracking
* 24/7 Customer Service
* On time delivery
*ATS/ LTL handles any claims

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